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Fast Bike Racing 1.0 APK

Fast Bike Racing 1.0 APK
Fast Bike Racing 1.0 APK

Drive the bike as fast as you can, with Fast Bike Racing in support of Android. This is the superlative bike racing game endlessly. What makes it even better is the detail so as to it comes free of charge! Fast Bike Racing  is a game so as to You allow got to stay straighten inedible the other bikes and obstacles to move familiar. Simply angle your phone gone to brake and straight to accelerate. Change the growth of your bike and rider. Compete both online and offline to befall the sole, undisputed king.

The road to eternity gets our flight of the imagination. Just a single look by the side of it and the racer in us all calibrate to set out the broom! Well, at the moment you really can. Fast Bike Racing is at this point of regulation the humanity of Xtreme gaming on Android. The unparalleled physics engine gives rapidity like in no way beforehand, but with so much control. You will not be able to believe your eyes whilst you are able to run as smooth as butter by using precisely the palm of your tender!

Fast Bike Racing Game Features:

- Vibrant HD graphics in a sudden 3D experience
- Extremely approachable accelerometer
- Wide range of high-end bikes like Yamaha, Ducati to wish from
- Realistic bike physics by the side of fool around to break you a concrete adrenaline rush
- High-end racing bikes out-speeding single any more
- Guaranteed to be a favorite along with Need in support of Speed and Bike Racing
- Crazy addictive game-play
-Ultra smooth angle controls

What's newfangled in version 1.0:

- Unlock 5 newfangled bikes
- Now challenge Top 5 Players
- See sent Challenges
- Music & Sound Improvements

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 31 MB (Fast Bike Racing 1.0 APK)

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Clumsy Bird 1.1 APK

Clumsy Bird 1.1 APK
Clumsy Bird 1.1 APK
Way better than floppy birds. Flappy Birds watch not worth it at this point comes Clumsy Bird! Much closer to the gravity on the iPhone version. This is a funny game and you will have the benefit of on stage it all through your frugal instant. It makes you really focus on could you repeat that? You're burdened. And that's a notable major to life, to keep you focused on your goal. Let's fool around! Tap anywhere on the screen to rush elevated!

Clumsy Bird Game Features:

- Easy and fun to fool around, but a challenge to fully master

- Simple single handle controls: Handle to flap the wings

- Stunning graphics: Beautifully detailed humanity comes to live on Android

Meet the hapless endlessly Clumsy Birds and they need your help! The survival of the Clumsy Birds is by the side of the stake as the bad dragons allow stolen their precious eggs. With their floppy Liddle wings, the Clumsy Birds are not terrified of one danger. It's your job to show these angry cute birds rush through all kinds of obstacles to progress back their eggs.

Requires Android: 2.0+
Download File: 1.8MB (Clumsy Bird download 1.1 APK)

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The Great Martian War 1.2.1 APK

The Great Martian War 1.2.1 APK
The Great Martian War 1.2.1 APK
This game is a stunner and a really impressive experience! Even with all these games around endless running improbable at hand, this solitary someway has a discreet look and is way better than many others, as well as temple ruin. Incredible Atmosphere! Never seen a game with such an intense and connecting, setting, You will perform it truly to be held in the art. Its temple run addicts with a distinct gorgeous indie art flair!

The Great Martian War Game Features:
- Massive scale: Escape through vast environments and exciting set pieces as you progress through 18 player levels.
- Virtually endless gameplay: Randomly-generated levels allow for non-stop fun.
- Visceral combat: Immersive 3D visuals and sound effects place you in the middle of the Martian War.
- Dynamic content: The Martian War universe is always expanding with ongoing content updates and new features!
- Period-specific battle gear: Beat the odds with World War I-themed powerups.
- Achieve the impossible: In-game achievements challenge you to finish your mission and collect rewards.

The Martians own invaded! Can you live to tell the tale long an adequate amount to save Earth from extinction? Navigate vast battlefields as you evade sneaky land-dwelling mines, vociferous artillery strikes, massive tanks, and towering extraterrestrial war equipment. Collect Rations and Victisite (the living metal to facilitate powering the alien machines) to unlock powerups. Bidding the Martians reign supreme and extinguish the globe as we know it? Or will the Human Race discovery a way to defeat the alien invaders?

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 37MB (The Great Martian War 1.2.1 APK)

The Great Martian War download

Play to Cure: Genes In Space 1.0 APK

Play to Cure Genes In Space
 Genes In Space 1.0 APK

Genes in Space are a pioneering way of serving these scientists in their mission to beat cancer closer and all via this globe chief mobile game. Amazing goal this game helps decode cancer data and helps fight cancer, I think You haven't played it yet, but even if it's hogwash you'll still perform if you know it's serving. It needs person eyes to own the biggest blow and this does truly to facilitate. Translates the data into a game. A simply brilliant idea. Reminds You of the SETI encode years previously. Downloading promptly and looking promote to responsibility your morsel on the way interior from handiwork.

Genes In Space Game features:
- Plan your route to maximise your Element Alpha haul 
- Arcade/action space gameplay 
- Rise through the ranks at Bifrost Industries from Recruit to Galactic Legend 
- Upgrade and customise your ship with unique items, weapons and colours 
- Maximise your profits by trading your Element Alpha when the market is high or sell immediately for a guaranteed return.


A strange substance is revealed in the voids of deep universe. Dubbed Element Alpha, the substance is refined representing consume in medicine, engineering and construction and soon the Element Alpha industry explodes galaxy spacious.

To the same extent an employee of Bifrost Industries, solitary of the biggest traders of the substance, your job is to bring together as much Element Alpha as you can and trade it representing upgrades to your spacecraft to help you maneuver the asteroid packed universe avenue.


Element Alpha represents genetic cancer data to facilitate scientists across the globe analysis on a day by day basis. Genes in Space has successfully translated this data into an interactive, asteroid-strewn intergalactic assault avenue.

By collecting Element Alpha and navigating your spaceship through the cosmos you’re conclusion the major genetic changes which help scientists to discover cancer causing genes and develop modern life saving treatments.

So gamers take an edge. The Genes in Space story may well not be real, but the blow of come again? Your responsibility is far from science-fiction.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 10 MB (Play to Cure: Genes In Space 1.0 APK)